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Trust Wellbeing Development Officer

Leanne Frankish

Leanne, a dedicated Wellbeing Development Officer for Victorious Academies Trust, brings over 15 years of experience in the education sector. Her journey started in secondary education, later expanding to primary and special education settings. In her current role, Leanne supports staff, pupils, and parents across all Trust schools, focusing on various aspects of wellbeing.

Her responsibilities range from overseeing the staff supervision program to supporting at outside agency meetings, offering assistance to parents, and observing children with social, emotional, and mental health needs. Beyond her role, Leanne is a passionate children’s author, creating books centered on developing children’s mental health. She has also authored a resource book for schools, parents, and other education specialists.

Leanne’s commitment to mental health is evident in her role, where she has established a team of trained staff in each school to provide support. Her mission is to contribute to the understanding of mental health and wellbeing, ensuring that valuable support and guidance are offered to those in need.