Buckton Vale Primary School join our Trust!

Buckton Vale Primary School’s governing body had been considering joining a Multi Academy Trust for some time, as they were keen for their staff to be part of a strong group of schools based locally with whom they could work together and develop good practice. The Government’s White Paper supported their preference and after several months of investigating options and evaluating their position and needs, Buckton Vale opted to join Victorious Academies Trust. 

Deborah Brown, Headteacher at Buckton Vale in Stalybridge said, “We decided to join Victorious Academies Trust because our values align. Our CEO Karen Burns trusts her school leaders by offering autonomy whilst creating opportunities for schools to connect and learn together. We are really looking forward to collaborating with schools across the Trust so we can offer the best possible education for our children.”

Karen Burns, CEO at Victorious Academies Trust said, “We are a rapidly evolving medium sized Trust this gives the schools that join us an opportunity to have a key role in helping to shape the future development of our Trust. One of the key elements of our vision is to have a symbiotic relationship between the Trust and the schools who join us in that they can access our services and we can benefit from the schools in our Victorious family sharing the expertise they have.

Our Trust Core Team are well organised, with strong local knowledge and a strong desire to develop our Trust further. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do across all areas and roles, not just teaching. Our vision is to grow our Trust from within, providing opportunities for existing staff to support and lead the schools alongside welcoming new expertise and innovation to ensure we are constantly developing” 

Left to right Deborah Brown Headteacher at Buckton Vale, Nicky Wise Chief Operations Officer of our Trust, Karen Burns CEO of our Trust and Kelly Quinn Deputy Headteacher at Buckton Vale.