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We have a vision for education that builds pathways for all, focusing on personal strengths, academic progress, character development and progress to employment. This is linked to lifelong learning, professional development and community involvement. We want to remove barriers to achievement and to inspire individuals by setting their learning in the context of their future aspirations.

Our Trust has the following mission:

  • Growth – to create a sustainable multi academy trust, based initially in the north-west from Tameside.
  • To create a cluster of academies – growing to 10+ primary schools and up to 5,000 pupils.
  • Creating a cluster where school to school collaboration is championed – less than an hour’s travel between academies.
  • To attract ‘Good’ schools first to establish a beacon of excellence and then proposing to support to other schools to improve outcomes and opportunities for a greater number of pupils.
  • To develop an additional cluster of academies as and when opportunities are appropriate.

The values of our Trust are based on the following:

  • Inspiring – Encouraging all to be as creative and motivating as possible;
  • Discovering – Seeking opportunities to expand knowledge and experience;
  • Caring – Providing support and guidance for the whole Trust community;
  • Improving – Striving to better ourselves at all times; and
  • Achieving – Teaching to attain aspirational targets.