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We have opened two targeted basic needs primary academies – Inspire and Discovery Academies in Tameside.

We worked alongside the local authority to develop these brand new schools and worked in collaboration with the local authority from the end of the design process.  In order to ensure the success of our academies we:

  • Developed a project plan with specific milestones linked to the pre opening, opening and operational stages of the development of the academies;
  • Developed marketing material to promote the academies;
  • Developed the academy specific curriculum plans;
  • Worked with the admissions team at the local authority to maximise pupil uptake;
  • Recruited excellent staff to lead and develop the academies;
  • Prepared policies and procedures for the academies to adopt;
  • Recruited governors to work as the Shadow Local Governing Board before the academies opened and these became the Local Governing Boards as the academies opened;
  • Worked with the DfE to ensure that we met all of the milestones pre opening;
  • Worked with Ofsted to ensure that we met the Ofsted Pre Opening Inspections; and
  • Provided full support for the initial period after opening to ensure that the academies can focus on their new pupils and families to grow their school communities.