A great year for growth at Victorious!

We are very pleased to announce that this month Lyndhurst Community Primary, Dukinfield have joined our Trust!

After launching Victorious in January 2018 with two schools in our Trust, quickly growing to seven schools across Tameside and Derbyshire by April 2020. The pandemic obviously slowed down the growth of our Trust, but work continued throughout 2021 and 2022 to enable the following schools to join the Victorious Family, Buckton Vale Primary, Stalybridge in October 2022, Holden Clough Primary, Ashton under Lyne in April 2023, Aldwyn Primary in July 2023 and now Lyndhurst Community Primary.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Karen Burns said, “This past year has been a great year for growth at our Trust, our new schools have benefited greatly from the collaboration opportunities. Across our Trust we have a large number of groups, including Ambassadors for each subject throughout the curriculum where representatives from across the schools can share ideas and best practice with their colleagues, to ensure the best outcome for our pupils.  Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do across all areas and roles, not just teaching.

One of the key elements of our vision is to have a symbiotic relationship between the Trust and the schools who join us in that they can access our services and we can benefit from the schools in our Victorious family sharing the expertise they have. Our Trust Central Team has grown as well, to ensure we can support our schools with finance, HR and lots more. Our Central Team are well organised, with strong local knowledge and a strong desire to develop our Trust further.

We have also seen extensive career development for personnel across the Trust with many staff taking on additional roles and opportunities for development. Such promotions have been made available in several areas of our workforce including leadership, teaching and classroom support, finance, administration and midday supervision. 

This is part of our vision to grow our Trust from within, providing opportunities for existing staff to support and lead the schools alongside welcoming new expertise and innovation to ensure we are constantly developing.”

Gemma Patterson, Headteacher at Lyndhurst Community Primary said, “We are very excited to now be part of the Victorious family! Our staff have benefited greatly over the past few months taking part in the Trust Collaboration groups in the lead up to us becoming officially part of the Trust. To be supported by other Headteachers in the Trust and the Trust Central Team has been invaluable.”

Craig Beaty, Headteacher at Aldwyn Primary said, “The level of support provided by Victorious Trust is outstanding.  The Trust have a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience, in all aspects of education.  Aldwyn has benefited so much, in such a short time, from being part of the Victorious team.  It is certainly an exciting time for the staff of Aldwyn, with the opportunity to collaborate and develop relationships between other schools within the Trust. Furthermore, our staff have the potential to participate and lead on new projects and initiatives, that not only develop them as educators, but also results in better outcomes for our children.”

Picture above, back row left to right, Karen Burns, Craig Beaty, Nicky Wise, front row pupils at Aldwyn Primary.

Pictured at the top of the page, back row left to right, Karen Burns, Gemma Patterson, Nicky Wise, front row pupils at Lyndhurst Community Primary.