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Why join Victorious?

We highly value all the incredible work of all the staff who work at Victorious Academies Trust and their unrelenting aspiration for our children proves inspirational and enabling, resulting in some amazing personal gains for our pupils. Professional development is integral to our Trust and all staff, whatever role they undertake, are encouraged to develop their expertise and abilities at all times. We have a proven track record of promotion and progression of staff within our Trust and this is something of which we are particularly proud.

In our Trust, the wellbeing of staff and pupils is fundamental to our vision and values.  We place the physical, emotional and mental health of our staff and pupils at the forefront of our decision making. 

Our wellbeing strategy:

  • Inspiring children and staff to engage, learn and develop their skills in mental health and wellbeing.
  • Helping our children and staff discover the different skills needed to help those with mental health illnesses.
  • Caring about all children and staff under our care; their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing is important to us.
  • Improving our understanding of children and staff’s mental health and wellbeing.
  • We support our children and staff to achieve a positive emotional and wellbeing state of mind whilst in our care.

Some of the many benefits of Wellbeing Collaboration across our Trust includes:

  • Improved wellbeing and opportunity to share/offload/reduce workload.
  • Our levels of support and collaboration offer our staff increased wellbeing and emotional support as well as gaining professional knowledge and expertise. Staff report that these two elements combined help to reduce their stress and workload.

We also ensure that all staff are trained in Safeguarding, Mental Health, Radicalisation Prevention, Female Genital Mutilation and Child Sex Exploitation. This ensures our pupils are kept safe at all times. The academies in our Trust are all different. We embrace their individual characters and uniqueness. Our CEO is keen to accept and encourage autonomy in the settings within our Trust with the obvious caveat that standards must be as high as possible as a result of their varying approaches. Our Members and Trustees are highly committed to the success of our Trust. They are skilled individuals who challenge and support appropriately, always with the needs of our pupils uppermost in their minds. At Victorious Academies Trust we are a group of genuine, passionate and dedicated people who work harmoniously and professionally together securing fantastic results for our young people. We firmly believe that our practice provides the pathway to a bright future for all the children, families and staff within our Trust community.

What are the benefits of working at Victorious?

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What our staff say about Victorious?