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The wellbeing of our staff and pupils is fundamental to our Trust vision and values. We place the physical, emotional and mental health of our staff and pupils at the forefront of our decision making. 

Our wellbeing strategy:

  • Inspiring children and staff to engage, learn and develop their skills in mental health and wellbeing.
  • Helping our children and staff discover the different skills needed to help those with mental health illnesses.
  • Caring about all children and staff under our care; their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing is important to us.
  • Improving our understanding of children and staff’s mental health and wellbeing.
  • We support our children and staff to achieve a positive emotional and wellbeing state of mind whilst in our care.

Wellbeing has developed across our Trust through varying levels of support this includes:

  • Specialist support (through our Employee Assistant Programme, referrals to Occupational Health and referral to our Wellbeing Development Officer)

  • Targeted support (through supervision, training around mental health, regular wellbeing check ins with our Wellbeing Development Officer, wellbeing events for staff, text, email and school / home visits)

  • Universal support (through our Wellbeing Development Officer, staff Wellbeing Policy, our wellbeing focus for staff, no stigma or blame culture for mental health illnesses, our Wellbeing Working Group, Staff and pupil Wellbeing Ambassadors and Champions each school).

  • Wellbeing collaboration groups including, Wellbeing Leads, Mental Health Leads, Pastoral Leads, Health and Safety Leads, Safeguarding Leads and Relational Inclusion Champions.

  • Our annual whole Trust Inset Day at the start of each academic year focuses on an aspect of wellbeing – staff wellbeing in 2022 and relational inclusion for pupils in 2023. 

Some of the many benefits of Wellbeing Collaboration across our Trust includes:

  • Improved wellbeing and opportunity to share/offload/reduce workload.
  • Our levels of support and collaboration offer our staff increased wellbeing and emotional support as well as gaining professional knowledge and expertise. Staff report that these two elements combined help to reduce their stress and workload.
  • Our Trust also has a thriving Wellbeing Leads group who are continually improving practice across our Trust, reviewing and developing policies and regularly sourcing training/initiatives to support all our staff.
Nomination Submission Wellbeing Trust of the Year - Victorious Academies Trust